Golf To Pose A New Silhouette

Golf is preparing for its forthcoming events with some new equipment. Every year the green grounds are set ready for the players and the latest this year would be the glittering accessories from Bentley, the world famous carmakers. The market is now flooded with the new golf kit that consists of a range of golf clubs and other necessary tools. Bentley has joined hands with the Professional Golf Europe to experience a sport in luxury and leisure. They want to make the sport a luxurious one and are aiming at bringing in opulence in the game by uniting grandeur with performance and that is how this new idea took birth, otherwise how and why should a car maker spend his efforts in making equipments for a sport?

This new golf club has a resemblance to the Samurai sword in our history and is made of iron hands through forging processes from the small town of Ichikawa in Japan. The designs are based on the car models and patterns. The golf bags and the kit ( have diamond quilting and the clubs come with a very different knurling. This is a new edition and all the players are very excited to take them in their hands for the play. It is expected to hit the market this year in September and will be available with all the Golf retailers. They can also be bought online through the Bentley Golf website.

Impediments in the growth path of Golf as a game

Golf traces back its origin to the 100 B.C wherein it was first played by the Romans using a bent stick hitting a leather stuffed ball. Soon, it became a popular game of leisure and relaxation. Many people started taking up this game for fun and it slowly started spreading its wings to all the countries in the world. As time passed by, its growth and serenity was disturbed and the Scottish parliament passed a rule to ban this game along with Soccer because it was the time of war and the army needed people to seriously practice archery. But with these two games in the lead, people were engrossed in this forgetting National security. Since these games were interfering with the archery practice which was crucial for National defense, the parliament had to ban these games.

But again, this was not for a long time and within two years, the curtains were lifted and the king of Scotland that time himself re-opened the game to the world. From then on there was no stop for it and it is being played by so many around the world till date. In fact the number of golf grounds has increased with many of the youngsters showing interest in this game.

Golf for competition as well compassion

We only know about games being played for money and trophies. Every competition that is being organized announces huge prize money and adds honor to the player. But there are also some competitions held for charity purposes wherein the player contributes the whole of his prize money to a charitable institution and even the money collected from the spectators for the tickets are also donated. Recently a golf tournament was held in Sardinia for collecting money for charity. This event saw many golfers from all over the world bringing out their eagerness and interest in helping the needy. The competition went on very fiercely and finally the trophy was won by Gianfranco Zola, who is a native of that place. He was very happy to have got the trophy and the prize money in his own motherland and that too for a win against the most experienced and professional golfers. The money he won was contributed in full to the Awareness campaign in aid of UNICEF.

It is not just golf that conducts and contributes money from its players for such charitable purposes but also other games like cycling, marathon, etc, wherein people take up competitions very seriously and contribute their earnings for such purposes.

Golf to promote tourism

The Scottish open at Castle Stuart has stunned people around the world with the beauty of the golf ground. Many people are willing to be a part of the tournaments being conducted and have shown much interest in visiting the place not just for being a part of the game but to enjoy the beauty of the spot. This ground to the North is beautifully covered with greenery and handsomely back roped by high brown mountains. It is the place to be visited and is definite to attract the eyes of the spectators of the game. There are many inquiries pouring in from all parts of the world regarding the place and other details and the owner is finding it difficult to manage so many queries on his tables.

The weather conditions are also very suitable for the game and the golfers are very happy and satisfied with the arrangements and preparations of their game in such a natural beauty. They are all eagerly awaiting the day and people are going to visit the place with high expectations. But the place is definite to satisfy everybody`s anxiety because it is in reality a beauty and nobody can deny this fact.

The committee has already received many calls, even before the start of the tournament regarding the availability of tickets and everyone wants to visit this place and experience the beauty by being there in person. With a huge number being expected for this play, preparations are happening in full swing and the staff and volunteers are putting in their fullest to bring in the maximum to the spectators. The team is really to be appreciated for their efforts and the volume of work being done in the huge open grounds.

There is a very big expectation from the organizer`s side and equal level of expectations from the spectators and everybody is eagerly waiting for the grandeur to happen. It is definite to see close to 45, 000 people on the grounds which is going to be the biggest and monstrous of all times.